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Air-one - an ultrasound inhaler sets the new pattern for treatmentof the horses respiratory tracts

Early discovery of the problem
Diseases of the respiratory tract are - after colics - the second largest form of interior diseases horses suffer from. Especially during the cold months of the year, stables are full of coughing and snorting sounds. The cause for a horses cough vary: low quality feeds, dust allergies or infectious diseases.

A coughing horse must see the Vet by all means, to clarify cause an ddegree of the illness. Afterwards, a therapy using the air-one Ultrasound-inhaler can be applied immediately.

Successful and efficient cure
The ultrasound-inhaler is an efficient method to cure diseases of the respiratory tract successfully. Medications are properly atomised, reching not only the bronchi but all bronchial tubes including the Alveola.
Extensive studies and research have made sure of this fact numerous times.
Veterinarians and veterinary clinics recommend the aerosol-therapy because of its undoubted efficiency.

Yes! But only with the correct appliance
Air-one is setting new patterns now since this inhaler was especially developed for horses. The latest technical acquisitions were considered. This is no modified human medicine product.
You can count on the experience of Neu-Tec and Rheintechnik HK. The Rheintechnik group developes and produces ultrasound-inhalers since 1977. The air-one combines many carefully adjusted components in detail. It is a quality product suitable for th highest demands.

Convincing advantages:

Relaxion for the horse, convenience for the rider

The air-one provides safe and low noise operation. During therapy, you will have time tht groom your horse. We recommend a duration of approximately 15-20 minutes per inhalation. Acute illness should be twice a day.

Prevention is better than cure - inhalation is nor only for sick horses. Of course, the air-one helps prophylaxis, recovery and coachwork as well.

Comfortable for your horse
Before starting the treatment with the air-one appliance, your horse should be fitted with al halter and tied up with two ropes at each side.
The mask will be shoved over the nostrils gently and fixed with the head-peace, that comes with the mask. Air supply valves must be fully opened to avoid a panic reaction.

Once the mask is secured, the tube is connected to the vaporizer and the mask.


Modern Ultrasound technique
High performance crystals produce the finest vapor with microscopic aerosol-particles. The particles will vary between 0,47 to 6 µm maximum during permanent operation. Vaporistion capacity amounts to 6,7 ml/minute, wich is extremely high and therefore superior to all other applicances on the market.
Just test it - you will be surprised.

Wall fitting for the Air-One

Since the correct position of the inhaler is very important, the air-one can be fitted onto the wall.
The shorter the distance, the more efficient the treatment. It also secures the appliance during operation and protects it from damage.


A careful disinfection is essential for a successful treatment. When designing the air-one, we paid attention especially to that. Every part of the appliance can be cleaned easily making sure no germs will re-infect the horse when the inhaler is used again.
An efficient disinfactant spray comes with the appliance. After 15 minutes, the air-one is disinfected and ready to use again. A plastic container for proper storage is supplied as well.

Investing into the air-one is a bonus by all means. Just read our example: Calculate . 2. per use and your air-one is all paid for after just a year, assuming that 30 horses will need to inhale 11 days per annum.


The air-one coin box
Everyone in your stable can benefit from buying the air-one. The coin box can be fitted and connected to the inhaler easily. Operating time and payment intervals are up to you.

Would you like to know more?
Please ask for our brochure.